Like a girl
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This activity is a continuation of the lesson about clothes & stereotypes, however, this time the focus of the activity is put on the image of girls. Are women the weaker sex? What does it mean to do something ‘like a … Read More

Sexist clothes
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Today’s lesson is one of my favourites – since I watched this video I haven’t been able to teach clothes vocabulary in another way. I know that the notion of sexist clothes is a tough one; it might be difficult … Read More

Escape Room – Release Santa!
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I had a real pleasure to attend a wonderful workshop at the IATEFL conference this year – it was Magda Kania’s  ‘Can they ESCAPE the classROOM? – critical and creative thinking made workable in your teenage classroom.’ This highly innovative and creative … Read More

The Jar of Life aka what are your life priorities?
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Today I’d like to share with you an idea of a lesson which I particularly like as it allows students to learn more about themselves and their priorities. I first came across the concept of ‘The Jar of Life’ at … Read More

Gotowa lekcja – ‘Runaway train’
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Każdy człowiek boryka się z różnymi problemami – nasi uczniowie nie są wyjątkiem. Często myślą, że nie mają nikogo, komu mogą zaufać, nie wiedzą, do kogo mogą zwrócić się o pomoc. Zdarza się, że ich problemy urastają do niewyobrażalnych rozmiarów, a oni … Read More

Formative Assessment in Foreign Language Teaching
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Last week I had a pleasure to attend an international conference ‘Formative Assessment in Foreign Language Teaching’ held at the University of Warsaw. The whole conference was packed with thought-provoking lectures and intensive workshops.We discussed the benefits of formative assessment … Read More

Death and happiness
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I bet everyone has already seen this fantastic speech by Steve Jobs, but I encourage you to use one part of it in a lesson about happiness…and death. How can the concept of death help your students make big choices … Read More

American slang vs British slang
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An entertaining video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show will help your students learn new slang expressions! It’s also a great opportunity to use modal verbs for speculation. Hope you’ll enjoy it! AIMS: – to practise using modal verbs for speculation – … Read More

‘Mama told me not to come’ – how to party safely
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A new lesson on how to party safely with a touch of grammar – reported speech. The song ‘Mama told me not to come’ by Tom Jones and Stereophonics will surely help your students remember how to make orders in reported speech : )

Muse ‘Uprising’ – conspiracy theories
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I would like to encourage you to have a lesson with your students about conspiracy theories – it’s a great possibility to help students differentiate between facts and opinions and to teach them how to use reliable sources (if you … Read More