I had a real pleasure to attend a wonderful workshop at the IATEFL conference this year – it was Magda Kania’s  ‘Can they ESCAPE the classROOM? – critical and creative thinking made workable in your teenage classroom.’ This highly innovative and creative workshop made me realise that it is possible to teach students real life skills and have a lot of fun at the same time. There and then I decided to create my own escape room – and Magda gave her audience a lot of practical ideas how to get round it! However, before I started preparing my lesson I had come across a spoooooctacular escape room prepared by Justyna Mak and Nowa Era, which gave me more ideas (if you want to use this fabulous lesson go here). The moment I had a go at Justyna’s  lesson with my classes I knew nothing would stop me from preparing my own escape room. So here it is – I hope you’ll enjoy it, because I had a lot of fun creating it!

EDIT: I received questions if it’s possible to do this lesson in 45 minutes. The answer is YES – the fastest group managed to release Santa in 25 minutes. Of course, some groups needed more time, but given the quality of the letters, I believe it’s justified –  I proudly present one of the letters my students produced (A. & J. thank you for the permission to publish your work!)